Additional ticket information

Note to events of the Kulturkalender

The ticket terms of this policy apply only to events of the Beethovenfest Bonn. This does not include events in the Kulturkalender. Please note the cultural calendar information with the respective events.

Arriving at the concert (free public transportation)

Admission tickets to concerts are also valid at no additional charge for journeys on the regional public transport network Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Sieg (VRS). You can use all VRS routes at any time within four hours of the start of the event; the return journey must be completed no more than four hours after the end of the event.


Children from the age of 3, students and trainees below the age of 30, those undergoing compulsory military service or civilian alternative, federal volunteers, job-seekers, disabled people and those in possession of the “Bonn Ausweis” are entitled to a reduction of 50 % on the tick et price. You are asked to produce evidence of such entitlement (without having to be specifically asked) at the door.

Waiting List

When all seats for a concert are sold out, the Beethovenfest provides a special service: in the internet you can enter your name (without obligation) on a waiting list for the event in question. You will then be informed by e-mail if tickets for this concert become available.


The prices printed in this booklet are inclusive of BONNTICKET handling charges and the flat charge made by the VRS f or use of its routes, which together account for € 1.66 per ticket. Advance booking offices also charge 10 % of the ticket price as a booking fee. For written and phone reservations (by post or by e-mail) BONNTICKET will charge an additional processing and mailing fee of € 3.90 per order which will be added to the 10% booking fee. Admission tickets will by default be sent by standard post, with no liability for loss on the part of the vendor. If you wish your tickets to be sent by registered mail, BONNTICKET will charge a flat fee of € 6.90 (€ 5.90 in the internet). Via Festival-Programm you can print out your tickets comfortably at home. BONNTICKET makes a charge of € 1,00 per order for this service.

»For 8 at 8«

At selected concerts, the Beethovenfest Bonn reserves a certain number of seats for school and college students (below the age of 30). These cannot be booked in advance. At these concerts, a certain number of seats are reserved for students, tickets for which can be bought for € 8 on production of a valid student identity card. The concerts in question are indicated here.

General Remarks

Concert tickets cannot be returned or exchanged when orders are only partially taken up. No responsibility is assumed for changes in programmes, performers, dates or venues.
No claim for return of tickets may be based on such changes. Only when an event is cancelled altogether will the purchase price be refunded upon presentation of the ticket within a two month period.
Latecomers are only admitted during breaks in the concert.

Audio and Video Recordings

Any form of recording, whether audio, film, video or photograph, is prohibited, even for private use. In case of violation, the audio and video material may be confiscated. Some of the concerts will be recorded for radio and/ or television broadcast. Concertgoers implicitly declare their consent to these recordings and to any pictures that might be made of them.


Holders of the Ehrenamtskarte enjoy the right to order tickets for selected events of the Beethovenfest at  price of 15,00 EUR.

Simply set up e-mail to tagged with the keyword:Ehrenamtskarte and give us your ticket request and your full name . The tickets will be put aside for you at the box office at the respective concerts and can be picked up and paid upon presentation of the Ehrenamtskarte one hour before the concert begins. The offer is subject to availability.

Concert offer for holders of honorary card will be published in earyl summer