Hearing with all the senses
A Symposium on Music and the Deaf

With experts, hearing-impaired and non-impaired musicians, students and teachers.

Deafness or hearing impairments do not preclude the experience or even the practice of music. The best-known example is Beethoven, who suffered from deafness increasingly throughout his life. The Mahler Chamber Orchestra has initiated the project ‘Feel the Music’, which is aimed at encouraging hearing-impaired children from all over Europe to explore the world of music with all their senses.
Children and teenagers from four countries, who have taken part in previous ‘Feel the Music’ projects, are brought together again as part of this year’s series of concerts by the Mahler Chamber Orchestra at the Beethovenfest Bonn. The highlight is a joint concert in the Beethovenhalle.

In addition to this practical work, the Beethovenfest is setting up a symposium on ‘Music and the Deaf’, which is aimed at everyone with an interest in the topic, but in particular at music teachers and concert organizers. How do people with a hearing impairment experience music? What does playing music mean for people with hearing impairments? What experiences have children and teenagers made with professional musicians during their musical education? What ideas does that generate for teaching music?

These, and other questions, will be pursued in the following formats:
•    Lectures
•    Workshop with Paul Whittaker (Artistic Director ‘Music and the Deaf’),
•    Reports by students, teachers and musicians from the project ‘Feel the Music’
•    Discussion rounds

The detailed programme will be available shortly.

In co-operation with the Logo Mahler Chamber Orchestra
Sponsored by the Ministerium für Familie, Kinder, Jugend, Kultur und Sport des Landes NRW and the Kämpgen-Stiftung.

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Sat 27 Sept - Sun 28 Sept

Saturday, 27. September 2014, 5 p.m. – 7 p.m.
Sunday, 28. September 2014, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Participation fee: € 30,- / 15,- (students)
Deadline for Registration: 8. September 2014
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