Destination Beethovenfest

The old university town and former West German capital Bonn is located in the romantic landscape of the River Rhine between Cologne and Koblenz. In the 18th century Bonn emerged as a grand Baroque princely residence which attracted travellers, painters and poets alike. The typical landscape with its steep cliffs, romantic ruins and medieval castles along the Rhine has been a popular tourist destination for more than 200 years.

But above all Bonn also is the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven (17701827) and it is the home of the annual music festival named after him, the Beethovenfest Bonn!

Every autumn, with the beginning of the Beethovenfest Bonn, a festive atmosphere takes hold of Bonn. During these four weeks the festival combines music and culture with the Rhenish joie de vivre to create a unique experience. The festival offers more than seventy concerts by top international orchestras, leading ensembles, prominent soloists and up-coming young artists along with an extensive accompanying programme of cultural events. The concerts take place in more than twenty different locations in Bonn and its surroundings, including the Beethovenhalle, Beethoven’s birthplace and historical castles and churches along the Rhine.

What would be more obvious than to combine these musical highlights with a visit to an area that has inspired numerous of artists over the past two hundred years? While enjoying the vibrant autumn foliage, why not follow the traces Beethoven left behind during his twenty years in Bonn? Combine your evening at the Beethovenfest Bonn with a visit to Bonn's Museum District, a walk in the Siebengebirge hills, or a wine-tasting tour along the River Ahr.

Flags city © Barbara Frommann