»Kreisleriana« Project


Tue 14.9.2010, 9 p.m., 2010-9-14T21:00 Palais Schaumburg

»Kreisleriana« Project

Susanne Kessel (Piano, Presentation)

Robert Schumann:
»Kreisleriana«. Eight pieces for piano op. 16

Michael Denhoff, Sascha Dragicevic, Alvin Lucier, Alex Shapiro, Leon Milo, Moritz Eggert, Ivan Sokolov, Manfred Niehaus: »Kreisleriana 2010«

Kreisler Old and New

For his bicentenary, pianist Susanne Kessel from Bonn is dedicating a piano evening to Robert Schumann, focusing on one of his most famous works, the »Kreisleriana«. While the title is a reference to E.T.A. Hoffmann’s autobiographical figure Johannes Kreisler, we are presented with a new psychological portrait of the composer from a compositional standpoint, which can hardly be ex­ceeded in subjectivity and depth. Susanne Kessel will compare and contrast the eight pieces by Schumann with eight new compositions, which reflect the balladic romance-like character from the perspective of the 21st century.

Additional Information:

Paketpreis für je eine Veranstaltung im Palais Schaumburg und Kanzlerbungalow ist nur bei BONNTICKET buchbar.

* max. 0,42 €/Minute

Susanne Kessel © Bernd Zoellner

Susanne Kessel © Bernd Zoellner

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Susanne Kessel

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