Silent cinema, live music


Wed 13.9.2017, 8 p.m., 2017-9-13T20:00 Beethoven-Haus Bonn

Silent cinema, live music

Gerold Huber (Piano)

Film muet concert:
»Der Märtyrer seines Herzens«
Supporting film: »The Origin of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata« (1909)
C. J. Williams actor
Gerold Huber piano (live)
Works by Ludwig van Beethoven and Claude Debussy

Feature film: »Der Märtyrer seines Herzens« (1918)
Emil Justitz director
Emil Justitz, Emil Kolberg, Fritz Kortner writers
Fritz Kortner, Marion Illing, Anton Pointner u. a. actors
Gerold Huber piano (live)
Works by Ludwig von Beethoven

  • 18 inkl. Gebühren
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Film muet concert

The ‘biopic’ is one of the oldest of all film genres. The silent Beethoven film ‘Der Märtyrer seines Herzens’ (The martyr of his heart) of 1918 takes the form of a love movie. It tracks down Beethoven’s genuine and alleged romances, from the unrequited loves of the 20-year-old boy to the aged master lying on his death bed. From today’s perspective, it’s startling to see Beethoven stylised into a solitary genius during the First World War by the propaganda division of the Austro-Hungarian Army. The brilliant pianist, lied accompanist and film music composer Gerold Huber provides a live commentary on the movie at the piano, using motifs from Beethoven himself. The great ‘heavy’ of his day, Fritz Kortner, takes the role the love-sick protagonist.

Still: Der Märtyrer seines Herzens © Filmarchiv Austria

Still: Der Märtyrer seines Herzens © Filmarchiv Austria

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