The Path of Democracy - Bundesrat Debating Chamber I
60th Anniversary: Federal Republic of Germany (1989-1999)


Sun 6.9.2009, 11 a.m., 2009-9-6T11:00 Plenarsaal des Bundesrates

The Path of Democracy - Bundesrat Debating Chamber I

Soloists of the ensemble Musikfabrik
Carl Rosman (Clarinet)
Thomas Meixner
Alban Wesly
Thomas Oesterdiekhoff
Dirk Rothbrust
Institut für Feinmotorik

Dieter Schnebel: »Bauernszene«
Richard Barrett: »Interference«
Thierry de Mey: »Musique de Tables«
Tracks between minimalist Techno and rock rhythms

Precision Motor Skills

The debating chamber of the Bundesrat (the second chamber of the German parliament) exudes the spirit of the sixties: a businesslike work atmosphere in a dignified décor. The large coats of arms of the federal states on the end wall were supplemented and renewed as the political situation required. The massive tables at which sat state premiers of days gone by are also highly suitable for table percussion. In the crazy 90s anything was possible. Thus the clarinettist in Barrett’s »Interference« also uses a »pedal bass drum« and sings over more than four octaves. How closely this music, between Performance and concert piece, is related to the aesthetics of the DJ scene is shown by musikFabrik and the DJs of the Institut für Feinmotorik.
Sponsored by the Federal government’s commissioner for culture and the media following a resolution of the Bundestag (parliament).
musikFabrik © Klaus Rudolph

musikFabrik © Klaus Rudolph

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