Points of focus 2017

Paths to Beethoven

Beethoven’s symphonies, concertos and chamber music form the heart of our programme. Often his music hovers in the background as a source of inspiration or is heard in other forms and guises. An exciting treasure hunt!

Foto: Michael Sondermann, Bundesstadt Bonn

The Art of the Lied

Lieder, German art song, is the most intimate genre of chamber music. Here music and lyric poetry unite to speak of love and sorrow, nature and longing. At the centre is Beethoven‘s song cycle An die ferne Geliebte. But we will also hear love songs by other composers: there‘s no doing without Schumann, Brahms and Hugo Wolf. Even contemporary composers will have their say ...

Foto: Michael Sondermann, Bundesstadt Bonn

String quartet weekend

Because late Beethoven remains unusual and ‘modern‘, we will combine his five late string quartets with early modern classics and two world premières. They will be played by outstanding young artists and established ensembles, including the Quatuor Diotima, whose interpretation of Luigi Nono‘s music on Friedrich Hölderlin‘s ‘distant beloved‘ has become legendary.

Foto: Fotoatelier Hermann und Clärchen Baus

Original sound

What did it really sound like ‘back then‘? The enthusiasm for ‘authentic‘ sounds and performance techniques remains unabated, and our listening habits have changed. ‘Original sound‘ conveys freshness, esprit and lucidity, from the pre-classical period all the way to late romanticism. Also including an original programme from the days of Old Vienna: pure, unadulterated Beethoven!

Foto: Marco Borggreve

Dance / performance

Beethoven is timeless, while the art of our own time has brought forth new forms of dance and performance. How do these two things fit together? What happens when three of the most famous choreographers of our day set their sights on Beethoven‘s Grosse Fugue? His ‘Ghost‘ Trio, too, will be refracted through a present-day prism. And at some point Iannis Xenakis’ stunning percussion piece Pléïades must be rediscovered for the dance – with Graeco-French precision and elegance.

Foto: Michael Cavalca

Open air / jazz / crossover

In politics, Europe is struggling to maintain its progressive achievements: its open borders. Music has an easier go of it, for the borders vanished long ago. Now a PIANODROM can change our perception and musical genres can blend together. Whether Afro-American folk music, jazz, or a dalliance with Musicbanda from East Tyrol: anything goes, provided it‘s done well. There will even be a nod to that great border-crosser Beethoven: the Ninth, conducted by Herbert von Karajan on a giant screen.

Foto: Barbara Frommann