17.9.2017 until 17.9.2017, 2017-9-17T14:00 Arkadenhof der Universität


»PIANODROM«. Listening with the eyes. Twelve hours of piano music from three centuries, performed by professionals and students.

Fri. 15.9. to Sun. 17.9. from 2pm till 6pm.

The complete program will be published later in the summer.

A translucent conical edifice rises magically above a grand piano. The pianist enters through a zipper. The game can begin: three afternoons of piano music in this temporary room made by Hans-Werner Müller will change your listening habits. Listeners promenade inside this Pianodrome, sauntering beneath the arcades of Kurfürsten Palace, the Baroque counterfoil to the airy light-filled cone. But they can also lie down or remain seated. A new kind of listening – with the eyes!

Additional Information:

Free admission

In cooperation with Universität Bonn

Pianodrom © Barbara Frommann

Pianodrom © Barbara Frommann

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