The Symphony as Grand Theatre


Sun 9.9.2012, 6 p.m., 2012-9-9T18:00 Beethovenhalle

The Symphony as Grand Theatre

London Symphony Orchestra
Michael Tilson Thomas (Conductor)

Ludwig van Beethoven:
Overture to August von Kotzebue’s “King Stephen or Hungary’s First Benefactor” op. 117

Charles Ives:
“Thanksgiving and Forefathers’ Day“. Fourth movement from the Symphony No. 5 JS 5 (“A Symphony: New England Holidays”)

Hector Berlioz:
‘Symphonie fantastique’ (‘Épisode de la vie d‘un artiste I’) for orchestra, op. 14a

The Symphony as Grand Theatre

A symphonic-theatrical evening of superlatives: the overture from the incidental music to "King Stephen" is followed by the fourth movement of the fifth symphony by Charles Ives, a gigantic sound painting on Thanksgiving Day. The climax of the evening is what Berlioz himself described as a "musical drama", namely his "Symphonie fantastique", one of the most fascinating works of the Romantic period, and the symphonic key work to this year's Beethovenfest: an idiosyncratic biographical document and the mirror of the (suffering) soul of the artist.

Additional Information:

"For 8 at 8" Non-bookable reserved seats for students.

5.30 pm
Concert Introduction "All Ears for Half"

This concert is part of the Residency of the London Symphony Orchestra.

Deutsche Welle Festival Concert

Michael Tilson Thomas © Susan Schelling

Michael Tilson Thomas © Susan Schelling

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