‘Liebesträume’ – Dreams of love


Thu 21.9.2017, 8 p.m., 2017-9-21T20:00 Crypt of the Kreuzkirche

‘Liebesträume’ – Dreams of love

Boris Bloch (Piano)
Ensemble S201

Dimitry Stavrianidi,Flute

Tamon Yashima, Oboe

Hyun Jung Kim, Clarinet

Dahee Jeong,Piano

Philip Erakovic, Accordion

Robert Wheatley, Violoncello

Emanuel Wittersheim, Electronics

Franz Liszt:
‘Liebesträume’. Trois Nocturnes S 541

Hyelin Lee, Tamon Yashima, Lukas Tobiassen, Emanuel Wittersheim (Studierende der Kompositionsklasse Günter Steinke der Folkwang Universität der Künste Essen): Paraphrasen auf Franz Liszts »Liebesträume« für Ensemble (Uraufführungen)

Everyone knows Franz Liszt’s elegant, elegiac ‘Liebesträume’ (Dreams of love), if only in their exploitation as ‘soft classics’. But who’d have thought that these piano pieces were originally based on stolid German poems? Liszt shaped the poems into notes, thereby preserving them for posterity. They became famous as ‘Trois Nocturnes’. Here they are played by the celebrated Liszt specialist Boris Bloch, followed by new ‘dreams of love’ from Günter Steinke’s composition students at Folkwang University. The youngsters project Franz Liszt into the future: soon we’ll know what these dreams will sound like in the age of universal availability.

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Please be advised: the location is not handicapped accessible

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Franz Liszt

Franz Liszt

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