Rite of Spring


Sun 2.10.2016, 6 p.m., 2016-10-2T18:00 Beethovenhalle

Rite of Spring

Les Siècles
François-Xavier Roth (Conductor)

Claude Debussy:
‘Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune’: Symphonic poem for orchestra.

Claude Debussy:
‘Jeux’: Poème dansé for orchestra (1912-13)

Igor Strawinsky:
‘Le sacre du printemps’: Ballet for orchestra (1911-13)

Les Siècles – the ages. Thus the name of the chamber orchestra that has created a sensation with its principal conductor François- Xavier Roth and his simple idea: that every era has its own ‘original sound’ waiting to be discovered – especially in the case of early 20th-century ballet music. Their programme will feature three compositions for which Vaslav Nijinsky created path-breaking choreographies. Two of them are by Claude Debussy, one with a faun lost in a voluptuous dream, the other based on the modern game of tennis. Then comes that ‘prime mover‘ of musical modernism, Igor Stravinsky‘s ‘Le sacre du printemps’. Here there is no more dreaming or playing, only the stamping of feet. The lashing, deliberately ‘primitive’ rhythms are themselves a revolution on manuscript paper!

Additional Information:

"For 8 at 8" Non-bookable reserved seats for students.

5 pm Concert Introduction

Sponsored by DHPG.

François-Xavier Roth © Marco Broggreve

François-Xavier Roth © Marco Broggreve

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