Leonore and Marguerite


Fri 15.9.2017, 8 p.m., 2017-9-15T20:00 Concert hall in the World Conference Center Bonn

Leonore and Marguerite

Karine Deshayes (Mezzo-soprano)
Opera Fuoco
David Stern (Conductor)

Ferdinando Paër:
Overture from the opera ‘Leonore’

Xavier Boisselot:
‘Velléda’. Cantata

Hector Berlioz:
Romance of Marguerite from ‘La Damnation de Faust’

Luigi Cherubini:
Air of Néris ‘Ah! Nos peines seront communes’ from the opera ‘Medée’

Ludwig van Beethoven:
Symphony No. 8 in F major op. 93

Recently our French neighbours have lit on many ideas to enliven our musical tradition. Opera Fuoco, an ensemble founded and directed by David Stern, has raised eyebrows with a bold new concept: a fresh look at 18th- and 19th-century music from the standpoint of opera. Now it introduces the ‘Leonore Overture’ of Ferdinando Paër, a composer highly successful in Paris at the time, while casting a sidelong glance at an opera written at the same time on the same subject: Beethoven’s ‘Fidelio’. Joining these works are a cantata by Xavier Boisselot, the highly talented offspring of a family of piano manufacturers, and Marguerite’s ravishing love-drenched romance from Berlioz’s ‘La damnation de Faust’. The evening ends with Beethoven’s effervescent Eighth Symphony in the ‘period sound’ of its era.

Additional Information:

'For 8 at 8' Non-bookable reserved seats for students

7 pm concert introduction

Deutsche Welle Festival Concert
Sponsored by Deutsche Post DHL Group and the French embassy.

Opera Fuoco © Studio CLASSIQUENEWS

Opera Fuoco © Studio CLASSIQUENEWS

Beethoven: Symphonie No. 8 (iTunes)

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