A jazz legend


Wed 13.9.2017, 8 p.m., 2017-9-13T20:00 Harmonie Endenich

A jazz legend

Sydney Ellis & Her Midnight Preachers

Afroamerican Folk Music


This year Sydney Ellis celebrates her 70th birthday, but she has lost none of her unbridled vim. She was 44 when she entered the vocalist’s trade, and before long she had founded her own combo. Since 1995 she has given more than 1200 concerts in 27 countries. Now Sydney Ellis & Her Midnight Preachers offer a Beethovenfest programme at the crossroads between jazz, blues and gospel. Yet these genres are no more than signposts: all she cares about is the cultural legacy of Afro-American music, presented in fresh interpretations to today’s audiences.

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In cooperation with the Harmonie Endenich

Sydney Ellis © Charlie Schlegel

Sydney Ellis © Charlie Schlegel

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