In the land where lemon-trees bloom


Thu 14.9.2017, 8 p.m., 2017-9-14T20:00 Forum of the Bundekunsthalle

In the land where lemon-trees bloom

Christiane Karg (Soprano)
Michael Nagy (Baritone)
Gerold Huber (Piano)

Hugo Wolf:
'Italienisches Liederbuch'. Song cycle for voice and piano

‘Spirit and passion’: thus the response to the 46 folk poems published by Paul Heyse, half newly written, half translated. Hugo Wolf set them to music with his unique psychological piano textures, subtle humour and boundless tenderness. The full gamut of love, from cheerful flirtation to passionate desire to scornful contempt, is rendered audible, especially in the hands of such impeccable artists as Christiane Karg and Michael Nagy.

Additional Information:

Recording by WDR
In cooperation with Bundeskunsthalle

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