Happiness, torment and tears


Mon 18.9.2017, 8 p.m., 2017-9-18T20:00 Forum of the Bundekunsthalle

Happiness, torment and tears

Antonia Bill (Acting, voice)
Angela Winkler (Acting, voice)
Christopher Nell (Acting, voice)
Martin Schwab (Acting, voice)
Claus Riedl (Violin, Piano)
Hermann Beil (Direction)

Literary-musical soiree: 'To the distant beloved'

  • 18 inkl. Gebühren
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‘An die ferne Geliebte’ – to the distant beloved. Beethoven’s song cycle is much more than a personal document on the happiness, torment and tears of his own life: it is also a paean to art – and to the power of music to overcome distance and time. The title of these six songs forms the motto of a literary and musical soirée that will pursue, in poetry and song, the question posed by Samuel Beckett: ‘Do we mean love, when we say love?’ Love’s happiness and disasters will be told with quotations ranging from Shakespeare to Bertolt Brecht and Ingeborg Bachmann. The universal theme of Love proves capable, over and over again, of transforming words into the language of music.

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In cooperation with Bundeskunsthalle

Picture © Sonja Werner

Picture © Sonja Werner

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