A literary conversation


Thu 21.9.2017, 8 p.m., 2017-9-21T20:00 Universität Bonn, Festsaal

A literary conversation

Christina Weiss
Hajo Steinert

Literary discussion:
‘The distant beloved - yesterday, today, tomorrow’

»Die ferne Geliebte – gestern, heute, morgen«

Whether airport novel or high art, hardly any literary creation can make do without love and longing, closeness and distance. As with music, the urge to write often coincides with the mysterious interplay of expectation and fulfilment. Literary scholars and connoisseurs discuss the vicissitudes and transformations that the figure of the ‘distant beloved’ has undergone in literature, from the Platonic love of Antiquity to the distant love of the Middle Ages, from the restrained love of classicism to the religious projections of romanticism, from the sobriety of the modern age to today’s feast of total availability ...

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In cooperatoin with University of Bonn

In cooperation with Literaturhaus Bonn

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