Pianos in Concert


Sat 15.9.2012, 7 p.m., 2012-9-15T19:00 Kunstmuseum Bonn

Pianos in Concert

Duo d'Accord (Piano)
Susanne Kessel (Piano)
Peter Hölscher (Video)
Helmut Zerlett (Keyboard)
Leipzig string quartet
Mike Svoboda (Trombone)

and Peter Hölscher (Video on "The Seasons"), Mike Svoboda (Posaune)

Leopold Godowsky:
Kontrapunktische Paraphrase über Webers "Aufforderung zum Tanz"

John Cage:
No. 1 of "Three Dances" for two prepared pianos

Francis Poulenc:
"Elégie" (en accords alternés) for two pianos

John Cage:
No. 2 of "Three Dances" for two prepared pianos

Bohuslav Martinu:
"La Fantaisie" for two pianos

Sergei Prokofjew:
Suite of "Romeo and Juliet" (arr. Duo d'Accord)

John Cage:
No. 3 of "Three Dances" for two prepared pianos

Maurice Ravel:
‘La Valse’. Poème chorégraphique. (1919/20)

John Cage:
"Sonatas and Interludes" for piano

John Cage:
"The Seasons. Ballett in one act" (arr. for piano) with video

John Cage:
"Music Walk"

John Cage:
"Suite for Toy Piano"

John Cage:
"Bird Cage"

Claudio Monteverdi:
Missa a 4

Heinrich Isaac:
"Sequentia" of "Choralis constantinus"

John Cage:
"String Quartet in four parts"

John Cage:

John Cage:

and further works

Pianos in Concert

Two aspects make this concert, which takes place concurrently in three exhibition rooms, a central event of the "Cage Night": firstly, it features the work that gave the project its name and which, with its compositional randomness, is, so to speak, a key to understanding Cage's work (likewise "4'33''", which Mike Svoboda will perform). Secondly listeners can experience an instrument which Cage is regarded as having invented: the prepared piano. The Duo d’Accord are playing on four different pianos, two of them "prepared". There are also a toy piano and an electric piano. Before and during the "Cage Night" films by and about John Cage will be shown in the Rotunda of the Kunstmuseum.

The "Cage Night" is supported by the

Additional Information:

15 € for one concert
25 € for two concerts

You can select a small "Cage subscription", namely two of the eight concerts, one at 7 pm (Nos. 14 to 17) and one at 10 pm (Nos. 19 to 22).

Duo d'Accord © Christine Schneider

Duo d'Accord © Christine Schneider

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