Ignoring Boundaries


Sat 15.9.2012, 10 p.m., 2012-9-15T22:00 Kunstmuseum Bonn

Ignoring Boundaries

Duo Amal
Susanne Kessel (Piano Concept)
Leon Milo (Soundscapes to Messiaen)
Peter Hölscher (Sound Sculptures)
Leipzig string quartet
Mike Svoboda (Trombone)

Ensemble "Ben und seine Freunde" (Sound Sculptures):
Dietmar Bonnen
(Anna and leader of the Ensemble)
Marei Seuthe (Herr Berg)
Lothar Burghaus ("R")
Michael Pape (Percussion)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:
Sonate D major KV448

Sergei Prokofjew:
Symphonie No. 1 D-Dur op. 25 (Symphonie classique)

Ronen Shapira:
"He is the one"

Samir Odeh-Tamimi:

Igor Strawinsky:
'Petruschka'. Ballet (1910/11) version from 1946

John Cage:
Concert for piano and orchestra (arr. for piano solo)

John Cage:
Variations II with sound sculptures by Peter Hölscher ("Ben and his friends")

Olivier Messiaen:
Works for piano solo mit Soundscapes by Leon Milo ("Ile de feu I", Préludes, "Petites esquisses d'Oiseaux" et al.)

and further works

The programme is presented in three rooms of the museum.

Ignoring Boundaries

John Cage had the idea of ignoring the boundaries between the arts and expressing himself on the same themes both in music and in the visual arts. Continuing this idea, Susanne Kessel integrates sound sculptures by Peter Hölscher into her performance of the "Concert for piano and orchestra" by John Cage. In parallel, the Jewish-Palestinian piano duo Amal will play Russian classics alternating with a new Israeli and a new  Palestinian composition, thus overcoming national borders. In the third hall, finally, the Leipzig String Quartet play Beethoven's "Great Fugue" in direct confrontation with Cage's compositions "Four" and "Music for Five". Before and during the "Cage Night" films by and about John Cage will be shown in the Rotunda of the Kunstmuseum.

The "Cage-Night" is supported by the

Additional Information:

15 € for one concert
25 € for two concerts

You can select a small "Cage subscription", namely two of the eight concerts, one at 7 pm (Nos. 14 to 17) and one at 10 pm (Nos. 19 to 22).

Susanne Kessel © Bernd Zöllner

Susanne Kessel © Bernd Zöllner

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