New and unusual


Sat 17.9.2016, 8 p.m., 2016-9-17T20:00 Beethovenhalle

New and unusual

Andrei Korobeinikov (Piano)
Symphonischer Chor der Philharmonie Ekaterinburg
Andrei Petrenko (choirmaster)
Ural Philharmonic Orchestra
Dmitri Liss (Conductor)

Ludwig van Beethoven:
Ausschnitte aus der Ballettmusik »Die Geschöpfe des Prometheus« op. 43

Alexander Skrjabin:
»Prométhée. Le Poème du feu«. Sinfonische Dichtung für Orchester, Klavier, Orgel, Chor und Farbenklavier op. 60 (1909/10)

Sergei Prokofjew:
Kantate zum 20. Jahrestag der Oktoberrevolution auf Texte von Marx, Engels und Lenin für Orchester, Militärkapelle und zwei Chöre op. 74 (1936/37)

We like the new and unusual. For example, a work such as Sergey Prokofiev‘s monumental cantata on the 20th anniversary of the October Revolution. The Ural Philharmonic Orchestra, one of Russia‘s best orchestral ensembles, will remind us of the ‘revolutionary pieces’ of the early 20th century. Among them, after Beethoven‘s Prometheus, is Alexander Scriabin‘s tone-poem on the Promethean fire. Both works take their bearings on the ancient myth of Prometheus, the titan who rebelled against the gods – for the betterment of humanity.

Additional Information:

"For 8 at 8" Non-bookable reserved seats for students.

7 pm Concert Introduction
Deutsche Welle Festival Concert.

Dmitri Liss © Private

Dmitri Liss © Private

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