Vox populi: a festival for Bonn


Sat 9.9.2017, 12 p.m., 2017-9-9T12:00 Marktplatz

Vox populi: a festival for Bonn

The complete program will be published later in the summer.

Free of charge


The celebrations aren’t confined to the concert hall: this year the Beethovenfest will open its season with a grand two-day open-air festival. All Bonn residents and visitors are cordially invited to take part. More than 1000 of the city’s schoolchildren will convene on six stages, transforming the city centre into a gigantic sound-space. The evening will feature a nod to Beethoven: the Ninth, conducted by Herbert von Karajan on the large projection screen in front of City Hall. The celebrations will continue the next day at the same spot: public viewing from Bonn’s World Conference Centre, with the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra playing colourful Russian music and Beethoven at his very best!

12 am to 6 pm: music students from Bonn on stages in the entire city centre

7.30 pm: »Die Neunte«
Recording of Ludwig van Beethoven's Symphony No 9 with the Berliner Philharmoniker and Herbert von Karajan

Additional Information:

»Ludwig und DU«
presentation workshop
More information here.

Picture © Sonja Werner

Picture © Sonja Werner

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