Intimate letters and new strings


Sat 23.9.2017, 4 p.m., 2017-9-23T16:00 Beethoven-Haus Bonn

Intimate letters and new strings

Quatuor Béla
Frédéric Aurier (Violin)
Julien Dieudegard (Violin)
Julian Boutin (Viola)
Luc Dedreuil (Cello)
SWRExperimentalstudio (Live-electronic realisation)
Maurice Oeser (Sound Direction)
Simon Spillner (Sound Direction)
Eva Suskova (Soprano)

Leoš Janáček:
String quartet no. 2 (‘Intimate Letters’)

Robert HP Platz:
‘strings’ for string quartet and voice (string quartet no. 4, world première, commissioned by Kunststiftung NRW)

Ludwig van Beethoven:
String quartet no. 16 in F major, op. 135


Quatuor Béla from France has entered the lists on behalf of new string quartets. Long enshrined in the String Quartet Pantheon in France, this young ensemble has prepared a world première by Robert HP Platz for its Beethovenfest début. Platz, a composer known for his ‘processually evolving music’ and his ‘polyphony of forms’, has expanded the classical string quartet format to include a vocal part, expertly sung by Eva Suskova. At the beginning and end of the concert are two magnificent works from their composers’ respective late periods: Beethoven’s preternaturally cheerful last string quartet (op. 135) and Janáček’s emotionally fraught Second Quartet, nicknamed ‘Intimate Letters’. As the 74-year-old composer wrote to an adored young woman of 36, ‘I think that it will sound delightful. There have already been so many of those dear adventures of ours, haven’t there? They’ll be little fires in my soul and they’ll set it ablaze with the most beautiful melodies.’ 32/36

Quatuor Bela © Jean Louis Fernandez

Quatuor Bela © Jean Louis Fernandez

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