End and beginning – Beethoven and Schumann


Sun 24.9.2017, 4 p.m., 2017-9-24T16:00 Beethoven-Haus Bonn

End and beginning – Beethoven and Schumann

Schumann Quartett
Erik Schumann (Violin)
Ken Schumann (Violin)
Liisa Randalu (Viola)
Mark Schumann (Cello)

Hugo Wolf:
‘Italian Serenade’ for two violins, viola and cello in G major

Robert Schumann:
String quartet no. 2 in F major, op. 41/2

Ludwig van Beethoven:
Quartet for two violins, viola and cello no. 14 in C sharp minor op. 131


‘This quartet sounds so fresh and vital that one can burst out in sheer rapture’: thus the euphoric words from music critic Harald Eggebrecht on the Schumann quartet. The centrepiece of this afternoon recital, following Hugo Wolf’s ebullient Italian Serenade, is Robert Schumann’s String Quartet in F major. Clear in form and rich in melody, it is one of the three op. 41 quartets that he wrote after a deep study of the classics. The finale contains a quotation from Beethoven’s ‘An die ferne Geliebte’. That same Beethoven had, according to his contemporaries, ‘gone astray’ with his C-sharp minor Quartet. It was overly long and seemed high-strung and unintelligible. Music was no longer a ‘passing amusement’. Today it is precisely the complexity of this music that holds us spellbound.

Additional Information:

Recording by WDR

Schumann Quartett © Kaupo Kikkas

Schumann Quartett © Kaupo Kikkas

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