The Immortal Beloved


Sun 24.9.2017, 6 p.m., 2017-9-24T18:00 Collegium Leoninum

The Immortal Beloved

Irene Kurka (soprano, concept, project lead)
Karin Haußmann (composition, arrangement, concept)
Daniel Agi (flutes, narrator, performance)
Dorrit Bauerecker (piano, accordion, performance)
Marko Kassl (Accordion)

Song recital: ‘Beethoven’s love songs – then and now’

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To whom did Beethoven write his impassioned love letter of 1812? The search for the ‘Immortal Beloved’ has yet to produce a definitive answer. The composer Karin Haussmann has taken this famous letter as her point of departure for a programme on love: her own settings of lines from the letter stand alongside lieder based on passages from The Song of Songs and from contemporary writings, all sung by the acclaimed soprano Irene Kurka. The programme creates a musical bridge from Beethoven to the present day. Love songs by Beethoven are heard in their original form and in arrangements by Ms Haussmann, whose work is wholly governed by her interest in the nature and sensuality of sound.

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Sponsored by Kunststiftung NRW

Irene Kurka © Hartmut Bühler

Irene Kurka © Hartmut Bühler

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