Beethoven in 1803, Beethoven in 2017


Fri 29.9.2017, 8 p.m., 2017-9-29T20:00 Concert hall in the World Conference Center Bonn

Beethoven in 1803, Beethoven in 2017

Susanne Bernhard (Soprano)
Steve Davislim (Tenor)
Dietrich Henschel (Baritone)
Kristian Bezuidenhout (Piano)
Arnold Schoenberg Chor
Erwin Ortner (choral rehearsals)
Le Concert Olympique
Jan Caeyers (Conductor)

Ludwig van Beethoven:
Symphony No. 2 in D major op. 36

Ludwig van Beethoven:
Concerto for piano and orchestra No. 3 in C minor op. 37

Ludwig van Beethoven:
‘Christ on the Mount of Olives’. Oratorio, op. 85

Jan Caeyers, the author of a successful Beethoven biography, fulfilled a dream with this orchestra: 45 musicians from various European orchestras devote themselves above all to – Beethoven! They do so from a music-historical perspective and with historically informed performance practice. Ever since Le Concert Olympique gave its début in Antwerp in 2010 it has been a vital presence in the world’s concert halls. Now Caeyers has reconstructed the programme of a musical ‘academy’ that Beethoven mounted at the Theater an der Wien during Holy Week of 1803. Three of his works were premièred there, and Beethoven himself played his piano concerto. In 2017 the solo part will be given to Kristian Bezuidenhout, an expert in period instruments. The concert comes to an end with Beethoven’s only oratorio, the rarely heard ‘Christ on the Mount of Olives’.

Additional Information:

'For 8 at 8' Non-bookable reserved seats for students

7 pm Concert Introduction

Recording by WDR

Sponsored by Comma Soft AG

Jan Caeyers © Marco Borggreve

Jan Caeyers © Marco Borggreve

Beethoven: Symphonie No. 2 (iTunes) Beethoven: Piano Concert No. 3 (iTunes)

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