Alphorn and didgeridoo


Sat 30.9.2017, 8 p.m., 2017-9-30T20:00 Tram Depot Dransdorf

Alphorn and didgeridoo

Jacaranda Ensemble
Sebastian Pietsch (Saxophone, Bassoon)
Richard Mosthaf (Didgeridoo, Alphorn)
Thomas Hoffmann (Alphorn, French Horn)
Thomas Ringleb (Percussion)
Matthias Dressler (Marimba, Percussion)

A musical journey around the world with unusual sounds of the saxophone, alphorn, digeridoo, conch horn and lur

  • 32 | 25 inkl. Gebühren
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The Jacaranda Ensemble is guided by a musical vision that has resulted in brilliant performances on several continents. For 20 years they have thrilled audiences with an artful blend of composed and improvised music. Named after a species of tree, they observe no generic boundaries; the important thing is their common pleasure in experimentation and the constant invention of new worlds of sound. Instruments such as the alphorn, didgeridoo (an Australian wind instrument), saxophone and a wide range of percussion form the basis of the unique sound that these five young musicians from Brandenburg place on display. A choice amalgam of voices from the borderlands of classical music, blues, folk music and jazz.

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Sponsored by Stadtwerke Bonn

Jacaranda Ensemble © Juliane Menzel

Jacaranda Ensemble © Juliane Menzel

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