Campus 2015

Bundesjugendorchester and Zulan

2015 a composer is under the spotlight of the new Campus organized by Deutsche Welle and the Beethovenfest, namely the composer Zulan, who comes from Inner Mongolia in China. She has been commissioned by Deutsche Welle to compose a new work to be performed for the first time by the Bundesjugendorchester (German National Youth Orchestra) conducted by Patrick Lange on 25 September in Bonn. The young musicians already got to know each other at the beginning of January, when the Chinese composer first visited the city of Beethoven’s birth. A second exchange happend during the orchestras China tour in the summer. There the new generation of German musicians met Zulan’s own ensemble Mongolism. This ensemble came to Bonn in the autumn to take part in the premiere of the new work by Zulan. The composer has already written numerous works and arrangements for her ensemble Mongolism, and some of them will be played at the Campus concert.

Zulan now lives in Beijing. She studied composition at the city’s renowned conservatoire, and continued her studies under one of China’s best-known contemporary composers, Tang Jianping, as well as with Yoshihisa Taira and Edith Lejet at the Ecole Normale de Musique in Paris. Zulan’s compositions are always influenced by her roots, taking up the stylistic means, the instruments and the elements of her homeland. With Mongolism Zulan also creates an authentic and idiosyncratic world of sound. Her work for the Campus concert will be her second for large orchestra.