Motto - Into The Open

»Into the open« is a phrase taken from a poem by Hölderlin, »Der Gang aufs Land«, in which the reader is urged to set off for a place somewhere in the future, where conventions have been overcome and new boundaries can be plumbed. The starting-point of our programme is the turn of the 19th century, a time of social upheaval which left its mark in particular on those works by Beethoven in which he creates a universal language for the ideals of the age but also of the individual, a language which is understood to this day. »... Into the Open ...« is also the title of Peter Ruzicka’s musical confrontation with Hölderlin. It is to Ruzicka as our »composer in residence« that we dedicate a portrait in which the premiere of his work »… Über die Grenze …« (»... Across the Border ...«) represents a high culmination. Utopia in music is where what already exists is put into a new context by the artist. The works commissioned from Jörg Widmann and Jan Müller-Wieland should be seen in the same light.
It is only through organically developed relationships with famous artists that we can succeed in re-shaping concert formats and working out innovative programmes. Look forward once again to Hélène Grimaud,
Sol Gabetta, Paavo Järvi, Kent Nagano, András Schiff, Sir Neville Marriner, Daniel Hope and Martin Grubinger and to numerous first appearances. Take the opportunity of experiencing, for the first time in Europe, the Teresa Carreño Youth Orchestra of Venezuela and the Sinfônica Heliópolis, the national youth orchestra of Brazil.
The high quality of the musicians and ensembles would come across even better in a hall with outstanding
acoustics and architecture. The new Beethoven Festspielhaus Bonn offers a unique chance of presenting events of the highest quality in Bonn over the long term, and to be optimally prepared for the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth in 2020.
I should like to offer my heartfelt thanks to all our benefactors and sponsors, and our patron, Dr. José Antonio Abreu, for the confidence they have shown in us and for their generous support as we approach that milestone!


Ilona Schmiel
Director of the Beethovenfest Bonn

Bonn, March 2010