Artists biographies
Werner Nigg

Werner Nigg, born in Canton of Grisons (Switzerland) has a farmer education. Later he studied Contemporary Dance at Zürich Tanz Theater Schule / TANZWERK101 and completed with a Bachelor Degree in Dance Performance at the University for the Arts Rotterdam, supported by a grant from the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation.

Since 2003 he has worked with several companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Austria like Daphne Verhelst (Antwerpen), Willi Dorner (Vienna), Cie Ah Mon Amour (Brussels), Jean G. Weis (Luxembourg), Ryckewaert & Verhelst (Antwerpen), Mancopy (Aarhus), CieThor (Brussels) and also in various operas with Laurent Pelly, Robert Lepage and Stijn Cellis. He also participated in a lot of workshops and master classes in different genres for example in SiWiC (Zurich) under the artistic direction of Nigel Charnock.

Since 2002 Werner Nigg choreographs own pieces in the Netherlands, Germany and Italy.