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Francesco Tristano

‘Music is music‘. This is what Alban Berg responded to George Gershwin in Paris during the spring of 1928, as to why there was no distinction between what we consider ‘educated‘ music and ‘popular‘ music. Francesco Tristano has endorsed this quote over the last decade with his work; combining piano and synthesizer, between the scores of Johann Sebastian Bach – and also Frescobaldi, Berio, Buxtehude, Stravinsky, and Gershwin, among others – and the latest production and sequencing tools. The differences are very noticeable, however: music is music regardless of its style; electronic or baroque, dance or avant-garde.

Francesco Tristano’s recordings attempt to embrace a broad spectrum too; he developed programs based on Cage and Bach (‘Bach/Cage‘, 2011), Buxtehude and Bach (‘Long Walk‘, 2012), Ravel and Stravinsky (‘Scandale‘, 2014). Then also, he has developed his own compositions where the main ingredients are rhythmic experimentation, abstract texture and a unique sensation of freedom.

Techno music entered his life while pursuing his degree at the Juilliard School of New York. During the day, he would lead The New Bach Players through their Bach readings, and at night, the city’s clubs would introduce him to house and techno music. In ‘Not for piano‘ (2007), he published his own compositions as well as piano versions of Detroit anthems. A year later, with ‘Auricle Bio On‘ (2008), he introduced the sound of the piano and use it simultaneously as a sampler and synthesizer. In fact, with the release of ‘Idiosynkrasia‘ (2010) Francesco accomplished the synthesis of both languages; digital virtuosity and rare electronic textures, which he would claim as ‘Piano 2.0’.

Alongside with his career in electronic music, he has simultaneously continued to grow as a classical pianist with a repertoire half way between baroque (mainly Bach and before) and twentieth and twenty first century music. Francesco Tristano is expanding, driven by his genuine open-minded attitude and his increasing knowledge of techno.

Foto: Marie Staggat Foto: Marie Staggat

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