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This quartet is particularly interested in pieces of music that are currently rarely performed in concerts, or that have even remained unprinted since their composition or have not been widely disseminated. The Ensemble Più focuses on authenticity in its renditions, which is why it has searched for appropriate rarities in the musical literature ever since its founding.

The ensemble’s repertoire, developed over the past 20 years, is the result of the members’ tireless thirst for discovery and hard work. It ranges from early classical works, via Isang Yun and Malcom Arnold, all the way to Frank Zabel and the American composer David Ludwig, and features the main compositions of all musical periods for instruments such as the oboe, the cor anglais, violin, viola and cello. In the case of two composers who are currently under-appreciated, the repertoire is particularly extensive: Louis Massonneau, a Frenchman born at the Kassel court of the Electors of Hesse (1766–1848) and the English composer Gordon Jacob (1895–1984).

In light of the international nature of music, the members of the Ensemble Più stand out through their shared regional and familial connection. All four of them live and work in the Ruhr. They are all orchestral musicians, some of them teach, and they are either related or have been friends for a long time: the violinist Eva Gosling (a member of the Essen Philharmonic until 2003) is married to the oboist and cor anglais player Andreas Gosling (the solo cor anglais player of the Essen Philharmonic since 1998); she is also the sister of Martin Börner (first viola with the Niederrheinische Sinfoniker since 1992), in whose family Markus Beul (cellist with the Dortmund Philharmonic since 1996) played music from his adolescence onwards.

In 1994 these four instrumentalists founded their quartet; two years later they gave their first concert in Sylt, a place they have regularly returned to since. In addition to several invitations to the Rhine-Ruhr region, including several to the Philharmonie Essen, they have also performed in Bamberg, Fürth, Eberbach, Arnstadt, Zarrentin Monastery, Friedrichsfelde Castle in Berlin, to name but a few of the venues.

Coupled with their supra-regional concert activities, the Ensemble Più has released two CDs under the audite label: in 2004 with three works by Gordon Jacob and in 2005 with three works by Louis Massonneau, the latter as an SACD.

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