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Centre chorégraphique national de Caen en Normandie

The Centre chorégraphique nationel (CCN) de Caen was founded it 1984. It is located in the Halle aux Granges, a former industrial building dating back to the early 20th century. Alban Richard has run the CCN since 2015; his main focus has been on interdisciplinary exchange, the experiment and the collective co-operation of different artists.

His manifesto is as follows:

Awareness of your own body
Choose movement
Turn your attention to observing the world
Open yourself up to wonder, to the subtle, to feeling
Awaken curiosity
Encourage the desire for knowledge and experiences
Promote independence of thought
Activate our ability to lead a sensitive, alert life
Be open to diversity
To more solidarity
Be creative in freedom, together, with endurance, respect and enthusiasm
Allow yourself to be bold, explore
See through changes
Come together to communicate, to experiment and to understand
Share artistic, intellectual and human experiences
Re-introduce the idea of community
Inhabit a space that is open to everyone, a place you come to to see, to work and to speak
Share a place where dance is at the heart of an artistic and political vision, of citizenship
Develop, absorb, produce and curate works that question the world in which we live
A place of creativity where we can observe, compare, interpret and decipher the world

This is where we dance!

Foto: Agathe Poupeney Foto: Agathe Poupeney

Appearances at the
Beethovenfest 2017