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Theater Marabu

The Theater Marabu, founded in 1993 by Tina Jücker and Claus Overkamp, is a professional free theatre for a young audience. It is housed in the Brotfabrik cultural centre in Bonn, where the Theater Marabu has its own venue, performing all year round.

Two to three new productions are developed every season. The programme is supplemented by an extensive repertoire for all age groups. The theatre works with freelance artists who are hired for specific productions.

Some of the productions are developed in co-operation with other theatres, such as the AGORA Theater in St. Vith (Belgium) and the Stadttheater Bielefeld. Most recently the musical theatre production ‘Die Geschichte vom kleinen Onkel’, which was created in collaboration with the Theater Bonn and the Beethoven Orchester Bonn, was invited to ‘Happy New Ears’, the first European festival for contemporary musical theatre, at the Nationaltheater Mannheim in 2016.

The productions by Theater Marabu are continuously represented at regional and supra-regional workshops and festivals and have been performed in sixteen countries to date. The Theater Marabu was awarded the ASSITEJ prize in 2015 for its innovative work.

Another of Theater Marabu’s focal points is working with young people: since 2000, under the artistic direction of Tina Jücker and Claus Overkamp, the theatre has created an annual production with adolescents and young adults with a slot in the season’s calendar. The goal of the work with the Junges Ensemble Marabu (Young Ensemble Marabu – J.E.M.) is to get young people to confront all the different ways of playing so that they can articulate themselves and their concerns in an artistic manner.

Since 2008 the Theater Marabu has also engaged in an intensive artistic exchange with young university graduates from artistic and dramatic courses. The programme ‘Nachwuchs Regie’ gives up-and-coming artists the opportunity to implement their own directing concepts under professional conditions, while at the same time reflecting on them during the collaboration with Theater Marabu.

Illustration: Wolf Erlbruch, Verlag Antje Kunstmann Illustration: Wolf Erlbruch, Verlag Antje Kunstmann

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