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Franui is the name of a particular alpine meadow in the village of Innervillgraten in eastern Tyrol, 1402 metres above sea level, where the musicians of Franui largely grew up. The word is of Rhaeto-Romance origin and reveals the geographical proximity of Innervillgraten to the Ladin language region in the Dolomites.

The Franui Musicbanda has been performing since 1993 in a nearly unchanged line-up and is a guest at many festivals and concerts. With the musical comedy ‘Steine und Herzen’ (‘Stones and Hearts’) Franui embarked on an intense collaboration with the actor and director Sven-Eric Bechtolf, who regularly performs with Franui as reciter. In addition to their concert activities the Franui musicians regularly engage in musical theatre productions, most recently ‘Fool of Love’, Shakespeare sonnets with the singer and pianist Karsten Riedel and the puppeteer Nikolaus Habjan (Burgtheater Wien), and ‘Meine Bienen. Eine Schneise’ (Salzburg Festival 2012). On the ensemble’s 20th anniversary a concert on the Franui mountain meadow at an altitude of 2300 metres caused a furore. It was attended by around 1500 visitors who had to hike for three hours to get to the venue.

The new programme ‘Tanz Boden Stücke’ (featuring Wolfgang Mitterer) enjoyed its premiere in December 2014 at the Stiftung Mozarteum in Salzburg; since then it has been performed in Elbphilharmonie concerts in Hamburg, during the Ludwigsburg Festival and in the great hall of the Konzerthaus in Vienna.

All of Franui’s CDs have been released by the col legno label and have received several awards. In 2012 they released ‘Schubertlieder’ (Schubert’s songs) ‘Brahms Volkslieder’ (Brahms’s folk songs) and ‘Mahlerlieder’ (Mahler’s songs) as a 3-CD box as well as the Shakespeare sonnets performed by Karsten Riedel and Franui under the title ‘Fool of Love’.

 To mark the 20th anniversary of the Musicbanda and the concert on the Franui alpine meadow they released a vinyl album in 2013 (‘Franui ist eine Almwiese’). On the occasion of the birthday concert in Vienna’s Burgtheater (October 2013) the audio book ‘36 Stunden’ (36 Hours) with Sven-Eric Bechtolf as speaker was released.

Franui © Julia Stix Franui © Julia Stix

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