The Bonn Beethovenfest and the Cologne Philharmonic are boldly entering a joint venture. We are taking a closer look at a movement that sparked an artistic revolution: post-modern American  dance. Proceeding from the legendary Judson Dance Theater,  which probed radical new crossover methods in the 1960s, this current is now a byword for interdisciplinary, democratic and openminded artistic creation. The resultant spatio-musical experiments and collaborations among choreographers, composers and performers opened up uncharted regions of creativity whose impact is still felt today. The Bonn programme will feature a timeless theatrical classic (Lucida Childs‘s ‘DANCE’), an ‘exhibition in sound’ (Simone Forti) and a laboratory of young artists and performers.

Three other giants of this pioneering era will appear in Cologne.

Concept and dramaturgy: Sigrid Gareis, Louwrens Langevoort, Nike Wagner

A joint project of the Bonn Beethovenfest and the Cologne Philharmonic.

In co-operation with Cologne University of Music and Dance, the Bonn Art
Museum, the Cologne Public Transport Authority and the Sparkasse Cultural

Sponsored by Kunststiftung NRW, Landschaftsverband Rheinland, the North
Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sport,
United States Embassy in Berlin and the United States General Consulate in

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SA 10.09.2016, 5 PM

Darko Dragičević, Charlotte Triebus

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Lucinda Childs Dance Company, Lucinda Childs (choreography), Philip Glass (music)

SA 10.09.2016, 8 pmSU 11.09.2016, 8 pmTrailer

Simone Forti »sound move«

SO 11.9.2016 til 23.10.2016

Exhibition Kunstmuseum Bonn

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Rituals from the Fringe

SA 24.9.2016, 4:30 pm

Final presentation of the Artists Laboratory, headed by Frank Willens, Kunstmuseum Bonn

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Im Rahmen des Beethovenfest lädt das Institut français Bonn den französischen Komponisten Hugues Dufourt zum Gespräch ein über seine Auftragskomposition für Orchester Ur-Geräusch (Rilke 1919), die zwei Tage später in der Beethovenhalle uraufgeführt wird.

SA 21.09.2016 6 p.m.