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Peter Hölscher

Since studying design in Düsseldorf, Peter Hölscher has worked as a photographer, sculptor and graphic artist in Düsseldorf and in Leverkusen, where he has lived since 2009. He maintains his studio in Leverkusen's Reuschenberg Mill, where he also holds an informal series of events combining music and the visual arts.

Hölscher has been building sound sculptures for the last ten years. He photographs sounds in the form of concert photos, sound-images of his sculpture and, in his new project "[A]reale", the sounds of spaces and objects in motion.

Hölscher's works have been exhibited in Germany and abroad since 1988, including various art biennales. Since 2002 he has held sound-sculpture concerts featuring works by composers from Düsseldorf and Cologne.

Appearances at the
Beethovenfest 2012